PP, R-PET Spunbond

100% PET spunbond nonwoven

pet spunbond nonwoven fabric

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PET, which is Polyester Spunbond Non-woven fabric. 

It is bio-degradble, eco-friendly. 

Item namePET non-woven
Basic weight: 20gsm--260gsm
Standard Color: White, Black, Grey, other colors can be customized
Machine Width:2400mm, 3200mm
Features:high tenstile strength
MOQ:1000 kgs
Delivery:20 days

Applications of PET Nonwoven:

1. Drainage board
2. Wrapping lining cloth
3. Filter material: gas and liquid filter materials.
4. Cable wrapping
5. Waterproof roll
6. Agriculture and Horticulture
7. Packaging materials
8. Automobile interior decoration

label: pet spunbond