PLA non-woven fabric

Corn fiber spun-bonded nonwoven, PLA nonwoven fabric


Polylactic acid ( PLA) is a widely used polymer materials.It is derived from nature. Starch is extracted from plants such as corn and cassava and fermented by microorganisms to produce lactic acid. Lactic acid undergoes an advanced polymerization process to produce a 100% green and safe new polymer material called polylactic acid (PLA).


Nonwoven fabric made from this material are healthy and safe, non-toxic and odorless, and have no harm to the human body. The PLA nonwoven fabric can be completely decomposed by microorganisms, eventually generating carbon dioxide and water, and returning to nature.



1. Environment-friendly shopping bag, packaging bag, tea bags, coffee bags,etc
2. Diaper, surface layer of sanitary napkin,
3. Disposable medical supplies
4. Clothing lining series
5. Agricultural use

6. Filter material
7. Furniture


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