3-layer non woven fabric for car cover


Non woven Compounded materials and special treated non woven fabrics are applied in car covers, motorcycle covers and tire covers in various models. 

Material with 3 or 4 layers is very suitable for water-proof, UV-proof, water repellent, universal fit car cover ,unique fabric can provide an excellent protection value in all weather conditions.


Bonded 3-layer SFS (Spunbond/PE Film/Spunlace) fabric

Color: Grey, Khaki,Blue, Red

Warranty - 2 years

Outdoor Use Good

Indoor Use Better

All-Weather Car Cover Protection Using breathable Film Barrier technology

High Performance Non-Woven Fabric

The three-layer construction uses inner and outer layers of spunbond, sandwiching a middle layer protective film barrier. The film barrier is breathable, which allow any moisture vapor or heat to easily escape from under the cover, soft inner layer protects against scratching and hazing.


Bonded 4-layer SFSC non-woven (Spunbond/PE Film/Spunbond/Spunlace) fabric

Color: Grey/Khaki

2 Year Warranty

Outdoor or Indoor Use

Our best universal cover for outdoor or indoor use, for all weather

The 4 layers Non woven fabric provide maximum protection against damaging UV rays. Polypropylene fibers are bonded into a durable 4-layer non-woven finish that includes a soft bi-component inner layer of spunlace fibers, which protect the paint finishing and car surface, helps maintain the vehicle's value.


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