Disposable wipes industrial wipes nonwoven wipes

Disposable wipes industrial wipes nonwoven wipes. The wipes are made of 100% polypropylene fabric, using meltblown technology. General weight is 50-100gsm. White color or blue color with different patterns. Rolls with perforated or pre-cut sheet available. As a super absorbent material, it can quickly absorb the oil dirt up to 8 times of its weight. It is highly recommended to used for oil and dirt absorbent. The fabric can be hydrophilic treated, making it an ideal material for cleaning.


Item name:
PP meltblown non woven Industrial wipe cloth
100% polypropylene
Basic weight:
white/ blue
Super adsorbent capacity, quick absorption
Soft and comfort touching
Not transfer soil back onto hands
Reusable and eco-friendly
Solvent and chemical resistant
Wiping the heavy oil dirt and grease in the production environment
Maintaining and caring machine tolls and large equipment
Cleaning printing leaked ink.
Automotive refinishing
Electronic, glass cleaning
Household general wiping and cleaning




2023-03-23 10:53
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