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R-PET spunbond

RPET,  which is Recycled Polyester Spunbond Non-woven fabric. The raw material is 100% recycled fabric. It is bio-degradble, eco-friendly..

Item name

R-PET spunbond non-woven

Basic weight: 


Standard Color: 

White, Black, Grey, other colors can be customized.

Machine Width:

2400mm, 3200mm


100% recycled material.

Applications of RPET Nonwoven:

1. Drainage board
2. Wrapping lining cloth
3. Filter material: gas and liquid filter materials.
4. Cable wrapping
5. Waterproof roll
6. Agriculture and Horticulture
7. Packaging materials, nonwoven shopping bags
8. Automobile interior decoration


Polyester (PET) spunbond non-woven fabric is made of 100% polyester chips, which is waterproof, high temperature resistant, anti-gamma ray, anti-static, non-toxic,non-irritating, and recyclable. The melting point of polyester is around 250 ° C, which can maintain the stability of the non-woven fabric's dimensions in an environment where temperature resistance is required. lt has been widely used in heat transfer printing, transmission oil filtration, and some composite materials that require high temperature resistance.
RPET spun bond nonwoven is a new type of environmental protection recycled fabric, its raw materials are extracted from the abandoned mineral water bottle and coke bottle also known as the coke bottle environmental protection cloth .It can be recycled and effectively reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, saving nearly 80% of energy compared with the conventional process. 


PLA spunbond nonwoven has excellent biodegradability. lt can be completely degraded by microorganisms in soil within 6 months after being discarded, and can generate Co2 and water without pollution to the environment. They are mainly used in biodegradable bags, food packaging, seasoning bags, tea bags, masks, facial mask, surgical tablecloths, disposable surgical clothing, sanitary napkins, dust-proof bags, desert tree bags, filter cloth, etc.







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