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Bi-layer drape mate
Bi-layer drape mate

Bi-layer drape material, SPE

hot-melt glue coated nonwoven fabric, Bi-layer laminated non woven fabric is used for surgical drape material.


Item name

Bi-layer Drape material, SPE

Basic weight: 



Hydrophilic nonwoven 30g + PE film 25g + Glue 3g




Surgical drapes, drape reinforcement


we develop and manufacture spunbond nonwovens with PE film laminated for disposable drapes, gowns, disposable surgical sets, visitor's gowns, doctor caps, masks, surgical fabrics keep patients and health care personnel from transmitting infection.
The nonwoven fabric can be hydrophilic to absorb liquid and blood, while the PE film is waterproof to avoid liquid penetrate.


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