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colorful pp spunbon
colorful pp spunbon

PP spunbond for protective mask

PP  Spunbond is widely used for face mask material. The fabric is material is 100% polypropylene, which is bio-degradable, breathable, disposable. Pp spunbond basic weight, roll width, color all can be customized.


Item name:

PP spunbond nonwoven fabric


100% polypropylene

Basic weight: 


generally 20gsm, 25gsm, 30gsm,40gsm for making mask.

Standard Color: 

White, Blue,Black,other colors can be customized.

Roll Width:

175mm, 195mm, 200mm, 260mm , 2cm, etc


Waterproof, breathable, no-smell, soft, eco-friendly.

Applications of PP spunbond Nonwoven fabric:

1. Medical and hygiene: disposable face mask, medical shoes, medical caps, drapes,  disposable gowns, etc.

2. Packaging: packaging bags, shopping bags, mattress, etc.

3. Agriculture, household, home textile ,etc.


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